"I'm sure when I ponder my life experiences, during the twilight of my years, I will regard my six weeks in Thailand as six of the most sensational weeks of my life... I traveled to Thailand hoping for an enriching experience. What I found exceeded my wildest expectations."
Chris Cox, International Health Program, Thailand
GSC's Buddhist Immersion (BI) - Teach English Abroad (TEA) Program offers volunteers a chance to be both the teacher and the student. Participants learn about Khmer culture on social, spiritual and intellectual levels while giving back to their new community by teaching English at a wat (monastery) and other community educational settings. 

Two distinct programs are offered: A rural placement and a placement in or near Phnom Penh.

The Rural Immersion BI-TEA Program includes:
  • Homestay accommodations with a family
  • Experiencing life in a small rural village 90 minutes from Phnom Penh
  • Spending mornings at a small local wat (monastery) with young monks and the head monk when available
  • Field trips to other wats and places of interest in the area

The Phnom Penh Area BI-TEA Program includes:

  • Accommodations at a wat (monastery) or a Phnom Penh homestay
  • Enjoying the beautiful and peaceful setting of the wat
  • Opportunities to visit historic Phnom Penh temples and stupas, sample local foods, and visit nearby craft markets
  • Immersion in the daily life of a wat including chanting, daily chores and meditation

Both programs include:

  • Providing beginning English training to young monks at the wat, as well as students at local schools
  • Enjoying and exploring Phnom Penh during orientation and on weekends
  • Visiting UNESCO World Heritage site Angkor Wat and other Siem Reap attractions during a weekend excursion provided by GSC (for participants on programs of three weeks or longer)

The Buddhist Immersion - Teach English Program is open year-round with projects ranging from t
wo-weeks to six-months or longer. 

Contact cambodia@globalservicecorps.org to learn more about the Buddhist Immersion Program and to find out how you can get involved.

For more information about teaching English in Cambodia: Teach English Abroad in Cambodia

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