"I'm sure when I ponder my life experiences, during the twilight of my years, I will regard my six weeks in Thailand as six of the most sensational weeks of my life... I traveled to Thailand hoping for an enriching experience. What I found exceeded my wildest expectations."
Chris Cox, International Health Program, Thailand
From its inception, Global Service Corps has placed a high priority on providing opportunities for its program participants to work on sustainable and appropriate community development projects. GSC initially supported other community organizations and their work, and assigned volunteers to assist these organizations. However, it soon became evident that for our volunteers to provide the best service possible to the community, GSC needed to provide specific participant orientation and training prior to volunteer assignments in the field.

As GSC developed its technical training programs, we identified specific areas of service where we could both effectively train our volunteer participants and provide an appropriate service to address specific local needs identified by communities. GSC now provides specific training of trainers (TOT) to all service-learning volunteers. This training prepares GSC service-learning program participants to provide trainings to our host communities in specific areas.

In Tanzania, our trained volunteers provide community training in HIV/AIDS prevention and nutrition education and sustainable agriculture and food security. Our Tanzania training program is now expanding to also include a Telemedicine Project as part of our International Health Program. Longer-term program participants have the opportunity to assist GSC in the further development and administration of these community training programs through the Community Development Program.

In Cambodia, our trained volunteers provide community training in HIV/AIDS education and prevention and English language training. Participants in the Cambodia Orphanage Program are trained to provide conversational English and HIV/AIDS prevention training to orphans and staff. Volunteers in the International Health Program include health care professional as well as nonprofessionals trained to provide both conversational English training and HIV/AIDS prevention training in community organizations and health care facilities.