"I'm sure when I ponder my life experiences, during the twilight of my years, I will regard my six weeks in Thailand as six of the most sensational weeks of my life... I traveled to Thailand hoping for an enriching experience. What I found exceeded my wildest expectations."
Chris Cox, International Health Program, Thailand


The Seeds of Sustenance (SOS) Fellowship Program provides unique opportunities for international development and public health professionals, or recently graduated Masters Degree students to gain valuable international experience through their work as SOS Fellows assigned to development organizations in sub-Saharan Africa or Southeast Asia. SOS Fellows help to improve the managerial and training capacity of participating Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) that provide community support and sustainable training programs to vulnerable populations.

SOS Fellowships in Tanzania, Africa

GSC launched the Africa Seeds of Sustenance (SOS) Fellowship Program in 2004. The Africa SOS Program provided training and project experience to participating Fellows in the areas of HIV/AIDS prevention, nutrition, and sustainable agriculture and food security. Visiting Fellows were joined by Local Fellows provided by African development organizations and together they participated in a four-week technical Training of Trainers (TOT) training program. These Fellow teams then spent the remainder of the year at participating organization field offices building training and program capacity in these organizations. 

We are not currently offering these fellowships, but individual Community Development Program and Integrated Program placements are available in Tanzania to assist the GSC staff in program development and implementation.

SOS Fellowships in Cambodia, Southeast Asia

Interest is also high for the development of a SOS Fellowship Program in Asia. GSC has held preliminary discussions with several international organizations about launching a fellowship program in Asia modeled after the successful Africa SOS Program. GSC is pursuing funding for the launch of this program.  In the meantime, Masters Degree graduates interested in participating in a six-month, fee-based Cambodia fellowship program should contact the Cambodia program coordinator.

For those interested in a three- to six-month internship program to gain international development experience or fulfill graduation requirements, the Cambodia Integrated Service-Learning Program may fit your needs.