"I'm sure when I ponder my life experiences, during the twilight of my years, I will regard my six weeks in Thailand as six of the most sensational weeks of my life... I traveled to Thailand hoping for an enriching experience. What I found exceeded my wildest expectations."
Chris Cox, International Health Program, Thailand
One of GSC’s best indicators of success is the positive feedback we get from our volunteers and community members about their experience learning, growing and giving back. Many of our past GSC Program participants have recommended us to friends and colleagues, and some have continued their involvement with GSC long after their return home. GSC is proud of the fact that our volunteers consistently rate their degree of program satisfaction very highly. Here are some comments from our volunteers in their own voices spoken from their hearts. 


Sustainable Agriculture Program

“I enjoyed the project immensely. I am studying international development and environmental studies so to have field experience, all is it brief and armature on my part, has reaffirmed my conviction to these studies. It made me want to return to Tanzania as quickly as possible to continue work in related topics (not to mention reconnect with the powerful ties of friendship I have there).” 
- Carl R.

"I signed up with the GSC program in order to work closely with Tanzanian farmers and spread the knowledge of sustainable agriculture, and that is exactly what I was able to accomplish. I was extremely pleased with the structure of the program and felt that our workshops were a great success. The coordinators did a wonderful job in facilitating the workshops and preparing the necessary materials... We definitely established some basic techniques that will not only help the local farmers but also reap benefits for the environment in the long term." - Alisha P.

HIV/AIDS Education and Prevention Program

“There is not just one experience I will remember most; however, there are little ‘glimpses’ of my Tanzanian life that will stay in my memory forever. I remember walking in Soweto and buying roasted corn with the housegirl and neighborhood children. I remember riding in the daladala with Mama Anna and 28 other passengers on our way to her home village at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro. I remember learning a Chagga dance at a post-wedding celebration and bargaining for kitenge and khanga in the market. I remember the mothers and children bundled in colorful clothing crowding the benches outside the health clinic. I remember the laughter and smiles of my students in matching green uniforms as they played Ultimate Frisbee for the first time. I remember the joy I felt when my students performed flawlessly during the “teach backs.” I remember the shouts of “good morning” and “how are you?” as I walked in the streets of Arusha. I remember drinking a Kilimanjaro while swapping stories with my Tanzanian friends at a local club.” - Chelsea R.

“I have just arrived back in MN after two weeks in Arusha. The people who work at Global Service in Arusha are just great.....Being a family nurse practitioner; the conditions in Arusha and Tanzania were very difficult for me. I cried daily at the level of poverty, the seemingly hopeless situation of HIV/AIDS for millions of Africans, and the ongoing general diseases I witnessed on my daily walks through Arusha--leprosy, cerebral palsy victims, malaria. I will never forget the people of Tanzania nor their personal stories/histories, and will try to help them on an ongoing basis from my home in Duluth, MN. I believe the NGO's are vital to the ongoing development/education of the people of Tanzania. I can't thank Global Service enough for their assistance to me in my personal journey of discovery in Tanzania. I felt like what I did was just one tear drop in an ocean of suffering. But, it reminded me of the story of the young boy who walked a beach throwing stranded starfish back into the water. An old man said to him--there are thousands of those starfish on the beach, what difference can you make? The boy said as he tossed one of the starfish back into the ocean, "Made a difference to that one"---and that's exactly how I feel. I made a difference to a few, and I will continue my efforts one person at a time.” - Pam S.

“I had an amazing time with my team here. I could not have asked for a better, more well-balanced group to work with.” – Lindsey K.

Integrated HIV/AIDS and Sustainable Agriculture Program

"I truly enjoyed this entire experience and working on these projects.  I have been interested in doing development work for a long time and I am especially sure now that I need to continue with this kind of work.  This was my first time really working overseas and I could not have asked for a better first experience.  I think these ten weeks will change the way in which I learn and see things that happen around the world.  The whole experience and cultural immersion have allowed me to really relate to a different culture in a completely new way." - Cara B.

International Health Program

“I loved the homestay experience, and just the general cultural immersion that GSC offered. To be able to connect with local families and people my age was a really powerful way for me to understand the culture. Seeing the structure of the schools, getting out into the farm villages and just getting around town everyday gave me huge insight into daily life in Arusha.” - Meghan G.

"The most memorable part of my experience was meeting the local community and my host family; they taught me a lot about the culture and way of life in Tanzania that I would never otherwise have had the opportunity to learn. They also made me feel at home in their country and eased the whole experience." - Donna R.


Orphanage Program

"I can say that visiting Cambodia was everything I expected and much more.  I was completely immersed in the rich culture of the country and surprised myself at how many Khmer words I've learned.  I even made some friends that I still keep in contact with.  I was given the opportunity to really see where I could help the Cambodian community and because of that I am already making definitive plans to go back for a longer stay next year."
-Haley S.