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Subject: GSC Survey Results and Drawing Winner
Global Service Corps Global Service Corps Survey 2009
Justin Hughes, Thailand Buddhist Immersion Program.  For more information on our expanded Thailand Buddhist Immersion Program, visit our website!
Congratulations to Wilfred Byaruhanga of Uganda!
Global Service Corps would like to congratulate Mr. Byaruhanga who was selected through a random drawing process as the recipient of the $100 prize for completing our August 2009 Survey. GSC thanks the hundreds of you who participated in the survey. Information gathered from your replies helps us further develop services and programs suited to your primary interests. Your participation and support of GSC helps us make a lasting impact through positively changing lives in developing countries.

Here are some of the highlights of the GSC 2009 Survey:

• 57% of you have done domestic volunteer work and are interested in doing international volunteer work.

• Of the 55% of you that have volunteered abroad: 54% volunteered in Africa, 28% in Eastern Asia and 25% in Central America.

• 70% of you would like to volunteer while on vacation.

• The programs that most people are interested in volunteering in are HIV/AIDS Education and Public Health.

• In response to the question, “If you have volunteered abroad in the past, what was one thing you wish you had known in order to better prepare you for volunteering abroad?” you said:
o Better language and culture preparation
o Pack light!
o More Imodium AD
o Weather and living conditions
o March is the hottest month in Thailand.
o Volunteer expectations
o In-country resources
o Buy local mosquito repellant brands. They are much more effective and cheaper!
o How to follow up on the sustainability of the projects
o Pistachios are not common in Africa so this is a great gift idea.
o Always take along a roll of duct tape.
o How to transition back home
o Do not expect to be on a schedule, nor for things to go as planned.
o It's no cliche, it honestly changes your life.

• Finally, most of you who have volunteered abroad replied that your trip was self-funded or sponsored by your friends and family. So it comes as no surprise that 67% of you want to receive more information on funding opportunities.

If you are interested in volunteering abroad with GSC in the future, request information about our successful Fundraising Toolkit by clicking on the link below. And thanks again to all who participated in our survey!


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