May 27, 2004

Reminder: Get your Stories and Photos Published Now!

For all you writers and Hemingway wannabes, a reminder of ways to get your name in print with your "insightful" stories and/or photos of volunteering abroad.

Recently, GSC volunteers have received some great national coverage ...inspiring others to realize their dreams and make a difference in our global community.

Below are upcoming opportunities with Transitions Abroad and Abroad View magazines. Both have large readerships. Send us a copy of what you submit - we will try our best to double your chances of fame and fortune by publishing your story in a newsletter, on our website, or in the general media. Please contact the magazines wiith questions. You may also contact Amy at GSC.

For those of you in the U.S of A, enjoy the 3-day weekend- and don't overdo it on the hotdogs! Stay in touch.

  1. “Stepping Stones To International Careers”
    The “A Closer Look” will focus on “Stepping Stones To International Careers.” The deadline for this section is June 4.

The upcoming edition's "A Closer Look" section (which explores a thematic topic in-depth) will focus on “Stepping Stones To International Careers,” including students' experiences interning and working abroad. Since this is such a broad topic, we have narrowed it down to international work or internship experiences that have an impact on the student's or recent graduate's future career path. The following are suggested categories: 1. Environment/Fieldwork 2. Teaching Abroad 3. Social Justice/ Non-Governmental Organization 4. International Business, Law or Journalism 5. International Relations (e.g. State Department Internship) 6. Fine and Performing Arts/ Architecture 7. Work involving a foreign language 8. International Health 9. Engineering/ Technical 10. How to find funding for an internship (comprehensive, practical article) 11. Post-graduate study abroad (e.g. Fulbright, Watson, and Rotary Scholars)

Articles should be 800-1400 words and offer personal perspectives on the work abroad experience from the topics listed above or other areas. If not incorporated into the article, please write a brief sidebar on how you found your particular job, the application process, how to find funding for an internship, tips on getting the most out of an internship, and any other helpful practical information. In addition to full-length articles, we also encourage the submission of brief testimonials and quotations from students who have worked or interned abroad.

Graduate students and graduates who are either working abroad or in career positions with an international focus may submit articles. This information will be extremely valuable to students looking to make work a part of their intercultural education.

All submissions are due by June 4, 2004. Earlier submissions are appreciated as articles are reviewed on a rolling basis. Email articles to

Bill Nolting, Director of International Opportunities at the University of Michigan International Center, and Alia Santini, a graduate student at the School for International Training, are coordinating this section. For more information feel free to contact Alia at either or at 802-258-3387. You can also contact the editor of Abroad View, Sherry Schwarz, at

    2. General Submissions:

In addition to submissions for standard sections such as Personal Journeys, Eye on the Earth, Viewpoint, Alliteration, Reentry, Alumni Afield, Features, and Beyond Study Abroad, Transitions Abroad and Abroad View seek short articles and nominations for “Spotlight.” Spotlight is a section that features unique international education initiatives and exemplary study abroad and international students. If you would like to recommend a student (self-nominations also accepted), please email Transitions Abroad and provide relevant contact information.

    3. Photo Contest:

The deadline for next year¹s Meta Photo Contest will be Dec.1. ABROAD VIEW will also host its first Student Writers Contest in 2005. The deadline for submissions is Nov. 1, 2004. Rolling submissions are accepted for both contests. For more details visit



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