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GSC Hand logo Holiday Greetings from Global Service Corps
To our Many Volunteers and Supporters,
With your help, Global Service Corps had a banner year in 2006. In Tanzania, the number of volunteer participants in our programs doubled and in Thailand, we had a very strong summer with high numbers of participants. We thank you for your involvement and celebrate that more volunteers means together we were better able to serve our world community.

Please help us continue to fight HIV/AIDS, hunger, and rural poverty in Tanzania and provide education and healthcare assistance in Thailand with your generous tax-deductible donation. This is what your gift can do:

$25 will sponsor an HIV/AIDS Prevention and life skills seminar in an Arusha area school

$50 will train a Tanzanian peer health educator who will in turn train many other Tanzanian youth

$75 will help train a Thai HIV/AIDS youth peer educator in our new program.

$100 helps sponsor education in a Thai orphanage

$250 will help stem the tide of hunger by providing a rural village in Tanzania with a complete Sustainable Agriculture training program

Global Service Corps depends entirely on the support of its donors and volunteers to provide life saving aid in East Africa and Southeast Asia.

Please help us support these important programs and future plans this holiday! Make a donation. Give A Gift Now.

All gifts are tax-deductible.

The GSC staff joins me in wishing you, your loved ones, and our global family a warm and joyful holiday season.
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Contact us:
Global Service Corps
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Tel: 415-788-3666 x128

Visit our website for more information on all our programs, schedules and application.  Website

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