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GSC Hand logo World AIDS Day and The Holiday Season
In This Issue:
•   People's Lives Depend On It
•   Help Train and Support Youth HIV Peer Educators
•   Help Build a Generation Free of HIV and AIDS
•   Join Us in Tanzania or Thailand!
•   Help Lift a Family out of Hunger and Poverty
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People's Lives Depend On It
Global Service Corps invites you to help honor World AIDS Day and celebrate the upcoming Holiday Season in a special way this year.

GSC is proud to have been providing much needed support to developing countries in the form of HIV/AIDS prevention education, nutrition, and sustainable organic agriculture and poverty reduction for more than 14 years. Through the years, GSC has built sustainable programs on the strength of its volunteers. Unlike many other nonprofit organizations, GSC does not receive major grants to subsidize its programs or operating costs. Instead, GSC relies on the generosity and dedication of its volunteers who support the organization, through not only their time and effort, but also through their participant fees. These fees cover over 99% of all our program costs.

GSC could use your help to continually improve the effectiveness of our AIDS prevention and poverty reduction programs in both Tanzania and Thailand. People’s lives depend on it.

Help Build a Generation Free of HIV and AIDS
Did you know that every day more than 6000 people die from complications due to HIV and AIDS? This is twice the number of people who died in 9/11 and totals over two million deaths each year.

In Tanzania GSC, sponsors three-week HIV/AIDS Prevention Day Camps for secondary school students. These camps teach students about prevention using drama, art, sports, music, and role-play. Camps also train students to become peer educators and return to their schools and create peer led health clubs. They meet with their fellow students and discuss prevention, empowerment and life skills.

Your gift will help build a generation free of HIV/AIDS:

• $100 will provide lunches for 5 students attending an HIV/AIDS Prevention Day Camp
• $200 will buy supplies of soccer balls and art supplies for one HIV/AIDS Prevention Day Camp
• $300 will send 3 students to an HIV/AIDS Prevention Day Camp this summer
• $500 will provide follow up support and training to 25 peer educators

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Help Lift a Family out of Hunger and Poverty
Did you know that the lack of healthy food is part of the poverty cycle that makes people vulnerable to HIV/AIDS and other opportunistic diseases?

In Tanzania, GSC teaches mothers and other vulnerable people about biointensive organic gardening. This high-yield method not only feeds the family but is also income generating, lifting families out of poverty.

Your gift will help lift families out of hunger and poverty:

• $100 will train 25 women and vulnerable people for one day
• $250 will send a woman’s group of 25 members to a 3-day seminar to learn these life-saving skills
• $500 will provide community follow-up and support to rural women’s groups

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Help Train and Support Youth HIV Peer Educators
Did you know that in Thailand, condom use among secondary school students has dropped from over 70% in 1996 to less than 40% in 2007?

During the summer of 2007, GSC educated nearly 300 Thai secondary students to become peer educators in HIV/AIDS education and prevention.

Your gift will provide further training and support for these peer educators:

• $250 will provide follow up training to 25 peer educators
• $500 will provide follow up support during a school year at one of the 27 secondary schools who received this initial training

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Join Us in Tanzania or Thailand!
Please also consider joining us for a service-learning adventure in either Tanzania or Thailand in 2008. With monthly start dates and multiple program options, now is the time to have an experience of a lifetime.

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Contact Us
Global Service Corps is a registered U.S. 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations made to Global Service Corps are fully tax deductible. Donation checks may be made out to Global Service Corps and mailed to the address below. You may also donate via credit card by going to the online Global Service Corps donation page.

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