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In This Issue:
•   GSC to Offer New Integrated Program in Tanzania and Thailand
•   GSC Tanzania Expansion and New Office
•   Goodbye to Tanzanian Program Director Dr. Deborah Wafer
•   Show Congress Your Support for the Global Service Fellowship Program Act
•   Check Out the New GSC Thailand Blog!
•   Support Passage of the Congressional Resolution on Global Health
GSC to Offer New Integrated Program in Tanzania and Thailand
In response to growing numbers of GSC volunteers with multiple program interests and expertise, GSC is now offering a new Integrated Program in both Tanzania and Thailand. In Tanzania, there is the option to participate in the Integrated Program that combines the HIV/AIDS Prevention and the Sustainable Agriculture Short-Term Programs. The Tanzania Integrated Program requires a nine-week minimum commitment to allow for effective participant orientation and training within each discipline.

In Thailand, participants can now explore different elements of international development, public health, and cultural immersion by combining any two short term programs. As an example, a participant with a strong interest in Buddhism and public health can now participate in a program that matches their diverse interests. The Thailand Integrated Program requires a nine-week minimum commitment.

2008 Schedule and Program Options

Goodbye to Tanzanian Program Director Dr. Deborah Wafer
Dr. Deborah Wafer, GSC-Tanzania’s Program Director for the past two years has left Tanzania to return to the US on 8th December, the day after a well-attended farewell dinner party was held at Global Service Corps’ new Arusha office. Over 50 people from the wider community attended. Many gave testimonies of how Deborah’s great team leadership approach had empowered them in their work, and how her focus on the down-and-out had brought together such a group of people from all walks of life and social strata. Present were several HIV+ people. They indicated how Deborah’s encouragement had helped them in their battles with stigma and finding the wherewithal to continue to live positively. Others present merely wanted to see her one more time to say thank you for her friendship and care. Deborah epitomizes the spirit of GSC, having served her first year as a volunteer GSC Fellow before taking on the reins as the Program Director.

During her two-year service, the International Health Program and nutrition training were expanded, and a foundation was laid which has enabled a record number of international participants and community members to be trained. HIV testing has become routine in rural village trainings. A move toward small farm organic certification has been planned, as well as other strategic directions resulting from her leadership. These will guide the future of the organization in the years ahead.

GSC is extremely grateful to have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Deb and join past GSC volunteers and the Tanzanian community in wishing her all the best in her future endeavors.

Check Out the New GSC Thailand Blog!
GSC Thailand has recently launched its first ever blog! The Global Service Corps Experience blog is meant to be a platform for past and current GSC volunteers to share their experiences while out in the field in Thailand. It is also meant to be a place where future volunteers can learn more about the programs, life in Thailand, and what to expect once they reach the 'Land of Smiles' so that culture shock is kept to a minimum and more time can spent focusing on projects and experiencing the wonderful Thai culture. There will also be postings of news in Thailand and updates from the GSC in-country staff.

We encourage submissions to the blog. If you have a story to tell about your experience in Thailand with GSC, please send it in.

GSC Thailand Blog

GSC Tanzania Expansion and New Office
As the GSC-Tanzania program has expanded over the past five years, the need for larger premises for coordinating the program has become critical. In November, a beautiful house was located and rented that will accommodate this increased need for training and office space. The new facility has a large round room ideal for training up to 30 persons and can easily accommodate outsourcing of food catering. There is a large reception cum library to keep volunteers comfortable, compared to camping out on the floor at the old office! There is even a small garden and room to demonstrate different types of urban gardening on the premises, such as sack gardens and the keyhole garden. Upon entering the premises on 27th November, GSC-Tanzania staff was immediately feeling �at home�. Visitors and local collaborators have been delighted and congratulatory.

2008 Tanzania Programs

Show Congress Your Support for the Global Service Fellowship Program Act
The Global Service Fellowship Program Act (S. 1464; H.R. 3698) is part of a comprehensive strategy to broaden and strengthen opportunities to serve our nation through global volunteerism.

Many talented and dedicated individuals who want to serve their country abroad may not be able to commit the financial resources to do so. The Global Service Fellowship Program Act of 2007 would help provide financial support to these individuals who wish to use their time and talents to serve the global community.

Click here for more information on this legislation and sample letters of support that can be to sent your representatives in Congress or the Senate.

Support Passage of the Congressional Resolution on Global Health
Join Global Service Corps in urging Congress to pass the Global Health Resolution (S. Con. Res. 31). The Global Health Resolution calls for the US to maintain its leadership in addressing global health issues and fighting the global spread of HIV/AIDS and malaria.

Click here for more information and assistance in writing your local policy makers.

To support the work of Global Service Corps in our continued effort to design and implement effective community service programs and projects, visit the donation page on our website. All donations made to GSC are 100% tax deductible and will be applied towards specifically selected program areas.
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