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Exciting New Developments with GSC!
GSC Launching New Website and Welcomes New Staff
GSC To Launch New Website Soon!
The Global Service Corps (GSC) website is getting a complete overhaul in design and content! With the help of LeapUp Marketing Solutions and Zee Creative, the new GSC website will have a new look and feel bringing to life the programs and people that have made GSC a leader in international volunteerism since 1993. Set to launch in Mid-April, the websiteís new layout makes navigation simpler and more user-friendly. Visitors to the site will be one click away from accessing information specific to their needs, interests or demographic. Whether you are a student, mid-career professional or active retiree, finding specific programmatic information tailored to your interests will be easier than ever. You will also now be able to browse through GSC programs based on the duration of time you have available, by destination, or by specific program type.

The new GSC website will also make enrollment in GSC programs easier and more efficient for participants. With just a few quick clicks of your mouse, you will be able to select your destination in Africa or Asia, decide when to start, and choose your program and program length. Once enrolled, participants will gain access to their own personalized MyGSC account page where you will be able to check your balance, access enrollment materials, and download useful information about your program.

The new GSC website will also enable you to get to know the people who help build GSC year after year. The newly created Thailand and Tanzania blogs will give readers a feel for what it is like to be a GSC volunteer Ďon the groundí in both Africa and Asia. Come check us out soon!

Get your first look at our new website in mid April!
GSC Hires New Thailand In-Country Coordinator

GSC is pleased to announce the arrival of our new In-Country Coordinator in Thailand. A fluent Thai speaker, Eric Skaar received B.A. degrees in English Literature and Peace Studies from St. Johnís University (MN) and an M.S. in International Development Management from The American University in Washington, DC. Eric also has extensive experience working and traveling abroad. He lived in Thailand for several years working as an English teacher for Thai university students and a refugee educator at refugee camps along the Thai-Burma border. He then worked for PACT, a non-governmental organization that aims to strengthen local capacity worldwide. His duties included working as a consultant for World Visionís Sri Lanka Tsunami Response and also as a Communications and Knowledge Management Officer in Ecuador. As the Assistant Leader and Thai History and Culture Teacher for GlobalQuest, Eric worked with American students studying abroad to assist in organizing and facilitating their placements, goals, and immersion into the Thai culture. In February of 2008, Eric joined Global Service Corps as the In-Country Coordinator for Thailand and now oversees all logistics and participant involvement in our service-learning programs. His vast knowledge of Thailand and its culture allows him to bring great insight to GSC and the participants. Ericís skills and abilities will greatly improve the Thailand program as extra effort and attention has been placed on improving the orientation and training that GSC provides for volunteer participants while in-country. Additionally, Eric is focusing attention on developing and expanding the HIV/AIDS Education and Prevention Program in Thailand to include a series of HIV/AIDS education day camps this summer.
Get To Know GSC Tanzania In-Country Staff
Global Service Corps would like to highlight the exceptional work that Jenaya Rockman has been doing in Tanzania. Jenaya joined the Tanzania team in April, 2007 and has played an integral role in the strengthening of the HIV/AIDS Education and Prevention Program in Tanzania. Jenaya coordinated GSC's 2007 HIV/AIDS Education and Life Skills Day Camp in Arusha and is busily preparing for this year's camp. These day camps have become a testament to the sustainable community development program that GSC has been implementing in Arusha.

Jenaya received her Bachelors Degree in Biology in 2000 and taught science at Maranatha High School in Pasadena, CA from 2000-2004. She also was the Program Administrator for Outreach Activities and lead student trips in Oaxaca, Mexico, Tecate, Mexico, Atlanta, GA, and San Francisco, CA. Jenaya received her Masters in Public Health with a concentration in International Health in 2006 from Boston University with a concentration in International Health. She has had extensive experience working with service-oriented programs abroad in locations such as Mexico, Haiti and Zambia. Jenaya joined Global Service Corps as an SOS Program Fellow and is now the Assistant Program Coordinator of GSCís Tanzania Programs. Besides her work with the Day Camp Program, she manages and oversees the HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Programs and also assists with GSC staff, intern, and participant involvement in both the HIV/AIDS and Sustainable Agriculture Programs.
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