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GSC's Asia Programs are Expanding!



New Developments in Cambodia and Thailand
Experience the vibrant cultures, storied histories, and exotic landscapes of Asia while providing meaningful service to the warm and gracious people of Cambodia and Thailand. Global Service Corps is excited to offer new experiences for volunteers interested in participating in an Asia program. Please read on to learn about the continuing evolution of GSC's HIV/AIDS Education and Prevention program and the Orphanage Care Program in Cambodia, as well as the Buddhist Immersion program in Thailand. For more information on how these programs can be combined with the Teach English Abroad and International Health Programs, go to the Integrated Service Learning Program pages for Thailand and Cambodia on the GSC website.


Cambodia: New! HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Day Camp for Street Kids
Built upon the best practices from GSC’s Tanzania and Thailand HIV/AIDS Program, a new HIV/AIDS Prevention and Life Skills Day Camp is set to begin in Phnom Penh on July 25, 2011. GSC has been collaborating with a new partner organization in Cambodia serving 1,100 street children in Phnom Penh in 11 youth centers. Providing a safe space for healthy growth and development, as well as an opportunity to engage in academic, art, and enrichment activities such as music and dance, GSC volunteers can assist in enriching all aspects of life for these children in need. During the Youth Day Camp, GSC will be working with three of these centers, focusing on children aged 11-13. Based on a needs assessment of the local communities, GSC’s work in Phnom Penh will include HIV/AIDS education and prevention, drug and alcohol abuse, and issues related to domestic violence.

To read more about GSC's HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Program in Cambodia please click on the picture to the left.

Camp begins July 25th! Deadlines are fast approaching. Apply now:

Cambodia: A Look into the Orphanage Care Program
GSC's Orphanage Care Program is unique in that it encompasses support for youth affected by HIV/AIDS prevention, English education, and positive living all in the atmosphere of a large, caring family. This environment is exactly what won the heart of a past GSC volunteer.

"After settling in to my new room and getting the initial tour of the orphanage, I sat down for lunch with the director in an outdoor covered dining table next to a fish pond. No more than 10 minutes into lunch I saw the first child, a little tiny bald boy with a big bandage on his head wearing a matching red plaid PJ set walking around by himself. I could only see him from behind. The director explained to me that he was about 3 years old and HIV positive. His mother had died and his grandmother carried him around for the first two years of his life afraid that if she let him go, he would die of AIDS too. I can't remember exactly what happened, but his grandmother ended up bringing him to the orphanage. He had never walked or done anything for himself. It was a tough adjustment to be thrown in with 59 new kids running and playing and he didn't take it well. He cried and screamed all day long and refused to leave his bamboo mat/bed. When Virak turned around, I expected to see a sad, lonely little boy. Instead I was greeted with a devilish smile letting us know he was up to no good. For the rest of lunch, Virak hid behind the chairs giggling, stood on the edge of the fishpond until told by the director to backup, running away in a laughing fit, "hiding" behind small bushes and trees, and doing silly dances. His feet are turned out, but he is recovering well from his early sheltering and apparently is now fitting in great. Hearing his story and seeing him now, I couldn't believe it. How does a small child recover from something like that so quickly? I knew that this place would be special."
-Kate B., GSC Cambodia Orphanage Care Volunteer, 7/19/10-9/12/10

To learn more about GSC's Orphanage Care Program in Cambodia please click on the picture to the left.

To apply to work with children like Virak who thrive from the love and dedication of GSC volunteers and staff please visit:

Thailand: Buddhist Immersion Program Welcomes Families and a New Head Teacher
GSC's Buddhist Immersion Program offers a unique opportunity for students, groups, and adults of all ages to experience life in a Buddhist monastery (wat). Volunteers can become fully involved in temple life as they practice meditation and chanting, observe alms-giving, and live simply and in harmony with nature. While guests at the wat, volunteer participants give back by serving the monks and community members through teaching English. Families are also invited to participate together in this unique cross-cultural experience, providing children the opportunity to learn from as well as teach young novice monks and local Thai children.

Global Service Corps welcomes John Marshall, who has recently joined the GSC team as Head Teacher of the Thailand Buddhist Immersion Program. John has eight years of experience teaching English as a foreign language, practices meditation regularly, and has a "passion and commitment to the spiritual path." John will provide essential support and guidance for volunteers, GSC Thailand staff, and the monks and local community members.

What GSC Volunteers are saying about their experience:
“This trip was a truly joyous experience. I was able to immerse myself in a lifestyle that’s both vastly different than my own, but very intriguing. I was able to learn about myself and others in a profoundly meaningful way and to the benefit of the local community.”
-Eric M., GSC Thailand Buddhist Immersion Volunteer, 12/18/10-1/14/11

To learn more about GSC's Buddhist Immersion Program in Thailand please click on the picture to the left.

Apply now to experience Buddhism in the "Land of Smiles":

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