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Subject: Global Service Corps Exciting News and Program Updates
Global Service Corps GSC Exciting News and Program Updates
In This Issue: June 2009 
•   New Volunteer Assignments in Underserved Rural Tanzania
•   Get a Head Start for Fall or Winter
•   GSC Welcomes New Partnership with USDA and Partners for Development
•   2009 Schedule
•   GSC Represented at International Conferences in DC
New Volunteer Assignments in Underserved Rural Tanzania
Recently GSC Tanzania signed a three-year subcontract with Partners for Development to assist with a rural development project funded by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). GSC has been contracted to provide food security support and HIV/AIDS education in Northern Tanzania rural areas where some of the most underserved Tanzanian population resides. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to extend our outreach and community service building on the work we have been doing in East Africa for many years. The GSC HIV/AIDS education work includes trainings in HIV/AIDS prevention and care, nutrition and food preservation education. The GSC sustainable agriculture activities include trainings in biointensive agriculture, improved animal husbandry and appropriate irrigation techniques as well as providing rural poultry vaccinations.

Volunteers interested in participating in this rural training work will have opportunities to spend time and do training work in both Arusha and rural areas. Participants will be based at homestays in Arusha and will have opportunities to experience a tenting “safari” to remote rural areas. GSC staff and volunteers will be accommodated in tents at a base camp during the days of field training. At the end of each training week volunteers will return to their Arusha homestays for the weekends. Most GSC participants who have stayed in rural areas providing trainings to these populations indicate that this was one of the highlights of their volunteer experience. Training opportunities closer to town are also available for volunteers if these rural assignments are not of interest. (For more information on this program, see story below.)

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GSC Rural Tanzania Service-Learning Programs
GSC Welcomes New Partnership with USDA and Partners for Development
In early 2009 GSC signed a three-year contract with Partners for Development and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) that is now providing expanded sustainable agriculture and HIV/AIDS education volunteer and internship opportunities. The new USDA contract will enable GSC Tanzania to expand local organic gardening and rural poultry projects along with NGO partners into a regional program bringing food security to over 2,000 smallholder farmers in Tanzania on both a subsistence and commercial basis. The GSC expanded Food Security Program will also provide critical nutrition education and support resources for families caring for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS.

Managed by Erwin Kinsey, Tanzania Country Director for GSC, the USDA program uses proven methods to empower rural producer groups by increasing the use of sustainable agriculture, poultry and kitchen gardens. In select communities, this also involves organizing village-level collection/buying/ selling points, ensuring quality produce through a participatory guarantee system of certification, encouraging rural poultry markets, conducting practical research and sharing knowledge of nutrition, food preservation and appropriate irrigation skills with participant farm families. The expanded Food Security Program in Tanzania increases GSC’s longstanding commitment to HIV/AIDS prevention and education by providing critical resources for communities caring for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS.

Click here for more information about GSC Tanzania Food Security Program

Erwin Kinsey, Tanzania Country Director
GSC Represented at International Conferences in DC
GSC Founder and Executive Director, Rick Lathrop recently returned from Washington, D.C. where he participated in the 2009 Global Health Council Conference and the 2009 International Agriculture and Rural Development Conference. Besides learning about latest international health and agriculture news and practices, Rick presented information at both conferences about the GSC community service volunteer and internship programs. These two conferences focused on information technology in international health and international food security, areas in which GSC is centrally involved.

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GSC Founder Rick Lathrop
Get a Head Start for Fall or Winter
If you didn’t get to travel abroad this summer, consider volunteering on a GSC service-learning program this fall or winter. Bypass tourist season and spend your semester, J-Term or holiday break in Tanzania, Thailand, or Cambodia. Now is the time to consider one of our programs and get a head-start on the application process. Gain experience as an intern or earn academic credit as a student in International Health, HIV/AIDS Education and Prevention, Sustainable Agriculture, English Education, Buddhist Immersion, or Orphan Care. All GSC service-learning programs provide in-depth cultural immersion through host family accommodation, orientation and technical training, local staff counterpart assistance, field trips to historic places of interest and opportunities to train community members. We want to ensure that you not only visit these countries but also take a piece of it back with you. Become a part of a new community and help them make a difference in their daily lives while making new relationships and memories that will last forever!

If you are looking for something less intensive and very affordable, embellish your ordinary travel plans with one of our Volunteer Vacation packages in Thailand or Tanzania. Whether you are traveling independently or with a group, Global Service Corps can accommodate you. We also provide fundraising toolkits to assist with your financial needs. Before you know it, you will be enjoying the experience of a lifetime!

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Your next adventure is waiting for you!
2009 Schedule
Join us in Tanzania, Thailand or Cambodia! Stay tuned for the 2010 Schedule coming soon!

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