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Tanzania HIV/AIDS Prevention Camp
You Can Help GSC Create a Generation Free of AIDS In Africa!

Did you know that the pre-teens and teenagers are among the most vulnerable to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa?

Here’s how your support will help students in Tanzania become equipped to live healthy lives free from HIV/AIDS!

During June, Global Service Corps organizes a 3 week long Peer Education HIV/AIDS Prevention, Health, and Life Skills Day Camp. This Camp works with about 240 high school students and teachers to help educate youth in Tanzania about HIV/AIDS prevention. Volunteers from abroad work with Tanzanian students to learn strategies to mitigate the spread of HIV/AIDS. These camps are designed to be an interactive way for students to learn about HIV/AIDS, prevention, relationships and sexuality in a fun, creative, and ultimately sustainable manner. Students then disseminate information about HIV/AIDS, life skills, and other health issues through peer health clubs at their schools throughout the rest of the year. Surveys make it clear that programs are needed to move youth from awareness and knowledge to actual behavior change. This is a primary goal of these camps.

The Camp training is coupled with a unique cultural exchange provided by GSC volunteers. Through the Camp, GSC volunteers work collaboratively with local teachers, peer educators, and GSC staff counterparts to teach a pre-designed education curriculum over a three week period. Lessons include: HIV/AIDS in Tanzania; Biology of HIV/AIDS and the immune system; STDs; healthy lifestyle choices; gender roles and life skills, such as decision-making and goal-setting.

At the conclusion of Camp, students participate in a graduation ceremony: in addition to receiving certificates of completion, they present to the local community through drama, song, dance and poems what they have learned during Camp.

In addition to training students to serve as peer educators, the Camp's overall goal is to create a sustainable forum for students to continue to train fellow students. With the continued support of their teachers and GSC, these peer educators create school health clubs where they continue the task of educating fellow students in HIV/AIDS prevention and life skills. GSC is now providing follow-up training throughout the year.

In order for GSC to maintain this vital work with the youth of Tanzania, we need your help. Even from far away, you can help to fight the devastating effects of HIV/AIDS and assist in saving lives. Your support and donation of any amount is needed now; with your help we can send a Tanzanian student to Camp, train and support a Camp counselor, buy lunches for the students, and purchase supplies.

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