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Global Service Corps Give a Meaningful Gift This Holiday Season
Alternative Gift Giving though Global Service Corps
Give loved ones a truly meaningful holiday gift that will help communities in Tanzania receive training and resources that will help them live healthier lives! Get all of you holiday shopping done at once with GSC. There are a variety of gift options available.

Youth HIV/AIDS and Health Education Youth HIV/AIDS and Health Education
A gift of HIV/AIDS and health education will provide essential education for youth so they will be equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to prevent HIV/AIDS. Gifts are available from $10 for education materials for school peer educators to $500 to fund an entire peer education training workshop for 20 students.
Sack Garden for a family affected by HIV/AIDS Sack Garden for a family affected by HIV/AIDS
A gift of a sack garden is a sustainable way to provide a family affected by HIV/AIDS access to proper nutrition including green vegetables. Gifts are available from $10 for seeds and sacks for 5 gardens to $100 for a gift of sack gardens for an HIV positive support group.
Home Garden for an orphanage Home Garden for an orphanage
A gift of a home garden is a way for orphanages to supply nutritious and organic meals for children in a self-reliant way and also provides children with training on important income-generating life skills. Give a gift of seeds for the garden ($20), garden tools ($100) or an entire home garden ($200).
Chicken Vaccination Project Chicken Vaccination Project
Increase rural nutrition and livelihood by giving a gift of chicken vaccination against Newcastle Disease, which kills 70% of the Tanzanian chicken population each year. Gifts through GSC’s “Catch That Chicken” project range from $10 to vaccinate a flock of 20 chickens to $200 to provide a bicycle for community vaccinators.
SEE WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT GSC'S ALTERNATIVE GIFTS! Vance George, Emmy and Grammy award winning former Director of the San Francisco Symphony Chorus and friend of GSC notes, "This is a great way to share the real meaning of giving this season. I'm buying 25 gifts for my family and friends!"  Click Here to Purchase Your Gifts!

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