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Newsletter                 Spring 2003      Issue 1


Editor's Note

Global Service Corps is excited to announce new developments and successes in our international volunteer work programs and internships in this spring quarterly newsletter.

In this issue, you will find information on: upcoming programs; our summer international health internship; the launch of GSC's new website; promising developments in our Tanzania programs; and the recently launched Thailand Buddhist immersion program for those wanting a true insight into the religion, ways, and practices of Buddhists and monks.
We welcome your input, comments, and stories.

 Want a Life-Changing Vacation or Internship?

Why just sit on the beach or be a tourist when you can totally immerse yourself in another culture and soak up all the pleasures of seeing a foreign country from an insider's perspective? Now is the time to plan if you are considering that unique summer adventure or student internship. Our cultural immersion trips leave each month for both Thailand and Tanzania and include homestays with local families. You live, eat and experience the country with a host family who generously opens its doors and traditions to you. Projects include health, education, sustainable agriculture, environment, Buddhist immersion, and HIV/AIDS education. Read more...

 Launch of New Website

We are excited about the launch of our new website. Please visit us there for information on all our programs including our short-term, long-term and student internship programs. Also, you'll find specific project information; country information; answers to commonly asked questions (FAQ); the schedule, application, and fees; volunteering resources and more.

 Notable Triumphs in Tanzania

Global Service Corps (GSC) is very pleased about several new developments and achievements in the Tanzania HIV/AIDS education and Sustainable Agriculture programs as well as the new International Health Internship program launched last year.

Volunteers Combat Africa's HIV/AIDS Crisis
Our Tanzania HIV/AIDS program is making a quantifiable difference in increasing HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention and education in secondary schools and communities. The launch of a new HIV/AIDS Day Camp for students and the teaching of good nutrition are new, strong weapons volunteer participants are using in the battle against this disease.

Successful new Day Camp increases HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention
In the summer of 2002, we started a new Day Camp program to train both students and teachers in basic HIV information, transmission and prevention. Summer Day Camps were carried out in three Arusha area schools and were three weeks in length. The goal of these day camps was to provide a framework for students to learn about relationships, sexuality, and HIV/AIDS in a creative, and, ultimately, sustainable manner. Read more...

Using Nutrition to Fight AIDS in Tanzanian Communities
GSC continued its community training in HIV/AIDS, combining it with information on nutrition and sustainable agriculture. We worked in conjunction with several community partners, government and local farmers' groups Participants conducted numerous seminars in several communities.

Tanzania Sustainable Agriculture Program provides Numerous Benefits- Higher crop yields, lower costs, greater income and a powerful weapon in fight against HIV/AIDS
Global Service Corps initiated its sustainable agriculture (SA) program in Tanzania in September 2001. Since that time, GSC has formed lasting relationships with community groups and organizations, colleges and individuals. Read more...

 Looking for Nirvana?

We can't promise you Nirvana, but you might get close to it in our Thailand Program. All volunteer participants live with local Thai families famous for their warm and gracious hospitality. This experience not only immerses you in the culture and traditions of the people and country, but it also gives you a taste of the Buddhist religion practiced by Thais. Read more...

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