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Newsletter             July 2003         Issue 2


Global Service Corps is excited to announce new programs -and developments- in our international volunteer programs. Volunteers with limited time may now go on two-week Thailand programs. Also, a Tanzania Fellowship opportunity is now available for qualified individuals. Read on to find out more about these programs as well as what participants have to say about their day-to-day experiences and adventures.

Got Travel Plans Yet? End your summer with a bang by stepping into the "wildness" of Africa or Thailand's tapestry of colors. There is still time to sign up for programs... For Aug and Sept departures, deadlines are now 45 days (not 60) prior to program. For more info, see the schedule page on our website.


 Two-Week Programs

Due to popular demand, GSC Thailand is now offering a two-week program for individuals with limited time or vacations. This two-week program gives volunteers the opportunity to work on education projects.

Participants may teach English at one of the following:

  • Primary or secondary school
  • Wat (monastery)
  • Local orphanage and care for the children

Participants will live with welcoming Thai host families.

More about the two-week program...

 Tanzania Fellowship Launched at International Conference

GSC's Executive Director, Rick Lathrop launched a new Tanzania Fellowship program at the International Global Health Council Conference. The Conference was attended by 1700 health professionals from all over the world and included presentations by the U.N's Special Envoy for AIDS and the head of USAID's Health Dept. The six-month Fellowship Program begins in January 2004 and will provide an opportunity to work on successful, new methods of HIV/AIDS prevention.

More about this exciting opportunity...

 Participants - Exciting Tales of Thailand

"I would just say that my time there was unlike any I've ever had and I always had my eyes moving in order not to miss anything." - Matt W, Thailand participant

Experience the rare opportunity to be immersed in the Buddhist culture of Southeast Asia while providing service to a local community. Thailand programs range from three weeks to six months and include a variety of projects in health, education, environment and Buddhist Immersion.

More of what participants have to say....

Chris Cox, Thailand Health Program participant (5/03)
 Tanzania Participant uses Art to fight AIDS

True to the spirit of Global Service Corps, recent volunteer, Gianna Hochstein, knows that there is always more that can be done in the fight against HIV/AIDS.  While a participant in GSC’s February HIV/AIDS Prevention Program, Hochstein pursued an array of creative projects designed to spread the message of safe sexual practices. 

Certainly this is not a new subject for her.  Hochstein is an accomplished anthropologist who has published and lectured widely on subjects related to sexuality and ethnicity.  Her work has taken her around the world, from Sweden and Guatemala to Trinidad and Tobago.

One of Gianna's successful projects while at GSC in Tanzania was her T-Shirt endeavor.  Carrying the slogan, “Getting AIDS is easy, Getting rid of it is impossible” in both English and Kiswahili, the shirts have been popular items in Tanzania, selling out...

More about HIV and Gianna's work...

Tanzania participant, Gianna Hochstein and husband, with AIDS T-shirts she created
  GSC Thailand wins Favored NGO Status

As a tribute to the tremendous services of our volunteers, Global Service Corps was awarded official Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) status from the Thailand Government. Only 3 out of over 30 organizations that applied for this favored position were granted the honor.

Read more and see Thailand photos...


GSC Thailand Office
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