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- Support Thailand after Tsunami
- New Family Package - Kids go Free!
- Summer Internships in Tanzania and Thailand - Sign Up Now!
- Transitioning out of the Workplace? Retired?
- Inspirational GSC Volunteer Brings Teachers/Family to U.S.
- Contact Us

Support Thailand after Tsunami

According to officials, one of the best ways to help Thailand and
other countries affected by the Tsunami get back on their feet is to
travel to the countries' non-affected areas. (GSC Thailand’s
programs are located in Kanchanaburi and Nonthanaburi, which are
both located at least 500 miles from the disaster areas. Neither
area was affected by the Tsunami.) Travel and tourism will support
the economy and touch the hearts of the people. Volunteering will
contribute even more.

Aid organizations are rejecting Tsunami volunteers in the affected
areas. They are overstaffed. (see Wall Street Journal 1/19/05). The
foreign countries are starting their own efforts.

"We need to get the economy back in shape, and the best way you can
help us do that is to come to Thailand on holiday," said Peter de
Jong, president of the Pacific Asia Travel Association. "Giving to
charities is important, and we appreciate your generosity very much.
But people can't live on charity forever, and they don't want to."

For GSC's response to the Tsunami and your many phone calls, please

Help Thai People with GSC

New Family Package - Kids go Free!

Big News – GSC Thailand is now welcoming families. Kids under the
age of 15 may accompany their parent(s) participating on the
Education or Buddhist Immersion program, and the kids will not be
charged a program fee. Families have the option of staying with a
Thai host family or in the Little Creek resort in Kanchanaburi. Now
a volunteer vacation can be a service experience for the entire
family to share...Find out More about Family Programs!

Summer Internships in Tanzania and Thailand - Sign Up Now!

Whether you are a student or an adult, you might want to consider an
exhilarating internship or volunteer program in Tanzania or Thailand
this summer.You will live with generous LOCAL FAMILIES. And you will see the
world from a whole new perspective when you fully immerse yourself
with the people and work on our service-learning projects! These
cultural immersion experiences combine meaningful service, skills
building, and plenty of fun! Programs in health, environment and/or
education run from two weeks to six months. Internships are nine
weeks and are offered with credit if you need it.

You may work in a local hospital or clinic, help farmers create
sustainable plots, provide AIDS education and prevention to local
groups and summer day camp youth, or teach English to students,
monks, orphans, deaf children, or community groups.

Now is the time to save your space for summer!

More on Internships and Signing Up

Transitioning out of the Workplace? Retired?

Studies show that for the recently retired, one of the best ways to
stay engaged and vital is to travel abroad and offer skills and
experience to communities in need around the globe. Global Service
Corps offers a wide variety of individually tailored programs for
those in their 50's, 60's and 70's, and even the young at heart in
their 80's.

We feel you have extraordinary experiences and life lessons to
offer. Plus you will learn more about different cultures than you
ever would as a tourist. Working side by side with the local people,
you will see the country from a truly insider's perspective.

Find out more about our Programs

Inspirational GSC Volunteer Brings Teachers/Family to U.S.

Recent GSC volunteer, Molly Last, will bring her Thai homestay
parents to the US this spring. Her "parents" have been a longtime
GSC homestay family. They are also teacher and principle at the
school Molly taught at while she was on the Thailand
Education-Buddhist Immersion program. Molly split her time on the
program teaching at both a local school and a monastery.

Molly will pay for her "mother" to come and Bruce Houser, our
Thailand Director, will foot the bill for her "Dad". A teacher
herself, Molly hopes to show them the US education system and create
more of a bridge between our countries.

A bit of a celeb now, Molly has just been interviewed by the New
York Times for an upcoming story on volunteering and her
enlightening experience in Thailand. She is planning to return to
Thailand with GSC this summer.

News Story on another Remarkable Volunteer who Brought Teacher to US

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