Massai Report on HIV/AIDS Training

Here two Masaai men report (unedited) on their successes and challenges in educating Masaai villages about HIV/AIDS. These men went through our HIV/AIDS training in the spring (sponsored by Roshan Kaderali).


Maasai pastoralist old people development. We were started the program of HIV/AIDS last year 2003 but last year we were started for one village only is call losimingori. So last three months we were started to teach people about HIV/AIDS in several villages are call losimingori, mbuyuni, Orkisima and after one month two leaders of lareto attended the training of HIV/AIDS at GSC for three weeks. After GSC training some few of lareto members are got the training from two leaders of lareto about HIV/AIDS. In one week ten members of lareto are got the training from SIC. Up to now we are already teach five villages about HIV/AIDS and we want to teach nine villages who are around in monduli district. So now people in five villages are got a good experience about HIV/AIDS.


In last month we were already teach several five villages are losimingori, orkisima, mti mmoja lepurko and mbuyuni. We were teach the good people who were need to know more about HIV/AIDS and more thing in there are life. Many people are like to know very much about HIV/AIDS. So the want to know about how HIV/AIDS spread, how to get, which thing course HIV/AIDS, many people are want to know what the source of HIV/AIDS and started way and have the treatment. So many people asked more question about HIV/AIDS and they are need to know how to prevent HIV/AIDS and how they have to do right now and which way they have to use. But we were taught more things about HIV/AIDS and HIV preventation and we were taught how to use condom and the advantage of condom. So we are taught there not share tools like toothing brush, nidles, knives and blooding transfusion. So far we were teach about don’t in heritage wives or share wives because you know Maasai tribe are share wives. So it’s easy for spread HIV/AIDS and many are dead with HIV/AIDS without knows which thing were killed so every one must know about it. Especially we were taught young Moran and young woman in deep. Also we were teach the traditional leaders about HIV/AIDS and local government and we were teach the united youth of ccm in eight villages about HIV/AIDS in maasai area for one day only.


The problems facing teachers who are teach people in Maasai villages. So teachers are have the many problems in the way of teach people in Maasai villages. So the distance from another village is so far and you have to take the long time for walk up the center of the village. So you have to walk 15 –30 up the center of the village. So per day you have to walk 30kilometres up 60 kilometers. So you will be tired.

So another problem in the way of training people in Maasai area. So we were started to teach people about HIV/AIDS in the afternoon because many Maasai are pastoralist so it’s must to keep livestock first. Another problem facing teachers many people in Maasai area are not know to read and to write. So teachers of teach HIV/AIDS are got high problem because they were used the way of practical and theory so we can’t have the tools so it’s very difficult to understands the more tools because we can’t have. Like many people were needed condoms and in the Maasai villages are not have the condoms so those were the big problem. Many people are wanted to know more about HIV/AIDS and how write and to read. So we wanted more material about HIV/AIDS like books condoms, brochure. So another problem were people divided into two groups because women and men were didn’t like to got education in same place. So women were like to be women group only and men also. So it’s taken the long time to teach.


8th may 2004 we were started to teach people at orkisima village for two days only and we had got 30 people.
10th may 2004 we were started to teach people at lossimingori village for two days and we had got 60 people.
13th may 2004 were started to teach people at mti mmoja village for two days and we had got 20 people.
20th may 2004 were started to teach people at lepurko village for two days and we had got 33 people.
29th may we were started to teach people at Mbuyuni village for two days and we had got 27 people.
30th may 2004 we hold the meeting with united of youth of (uvccm) umoja wa vijana ccm for eight villages included leaders of traditional and local government. So we had got 136 people.

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