Are You Ready to Participate in a GSC Service-Learning Experience?

►If you aren't ready to sign up but want more information about GSC’s life-changing programs, please use our Request for Information form.

►When to Apply: To receive the lowest program fees GSC suggests applying no later than 90 - 75 days before your chosen start date; the sooner the better.    

Note: You will not be able to complete the application process through the online form below unless all required fields are filled in and you have uploaded the additional required forms. If you leave this page without filling in all fields and without uploading required forms, you would then need to restart the online process from the beginning and re-submit all information again. To insure you can complete the application process in one session, have your completed Application Form, resume, and personal statement prepared before you start to fill out the below online application.              

 ► Download the Application Form HERE.        


Tips For Applying

Thank you for deciding to apply for a GSC volunteer service-learning program. After filling out your personal information below, you will be asked to:

1. Upload your resume and a one page personal statement describing your interests, skills and experiences.

2. Download and print your Application Form, fill out and upload it or email it to GSC at We recommend that you review the Application Form (see above) before you fill out this online application.

3. Pay your deposit. Note: GSC refunds your deposit when you successfully complete your program and have submitted your project reports. The deposit is not refunded if you cancel your program.

Be sure to have your completed Application Form, resume and personal statement prepared before you start to fill out the below online application.     


What Happens Next?

Once you complete the application process you will soon receive an email about next steps, including how to access your personalized MyGSC page.

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