Buddhist Immersion - Teaching English

Volunteer Program


 GSC's Buddhist Immersion (BI) - Teaching English (TE) Volunteer Program in Cambodia brings GSC’s mission of service and learning together. Volunteers have the unique opportunity to learn about Buddhism in Cambodia on a social, spiritual, and intellectual level, while giving back to their new community by teaching English at a wat (Buddhist monastery) and other community educational settings. This is not a Buddhist meditation program, although there are some opportunities for meditation and chanting with monks.




What differentiates the BI-TE Program from the TE Program?

The main distinction between the BI-TE Program and the Teaching English Program is with the BI-TE Program volunteers have the opportunity to live and/or serve amongst the monks and nuns and immerse themselves in the peaceful ways of a traditional Khmer monastery. Instead of solely focusing on teaching English, this program gives volunteers the chance to experience how traditional Buddhist monks and nuns live, while also having the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience of the English language with the community.

There are two placement options for this program:


- Short-Term BI - TE Option

- Long-Term BI - TE Program Option




The Buddhist Immersion - Teaching English Program is open year-round with start dates every month and programs ranging from two-weeks to six-months, or longer. For more information about the Teach English Abroad Program, visit our Teaching English Program page.

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