Cambodia Monasteries


GSC partners with monasteries (wats) to provide English training to resident monks while providing a Buddhism cultural immersion experience to our volunteer participants. We work with two main kinds of wats; a smaller wat in a rural town and a larger wat outside of Phnom Penh. 



Volunteer participants assisting at the smaller wat have the opportunity to join monks on their morning alms walks, spend an hour or more daily with the head monk discussing Buddhism, teach English to young monks at the wat, and also teach other students at local schools. Accommodations are in a homestay.




Volunteer participants assisting at the larger wat have the opportunity to join monks in early morning chanting, assist the kitchen in preparing food for the monks’ midday meal, participate in conversations with monks when available to assist them with English, and teach English in a local school in the evening. Accommodations are in a visitor center on the wat grounds.

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