Child and Orphan Care in Cambodia:

Short-Term Volunteer Program


GSC has partnered with a local Cambodian NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) that runs feeding and children’s community centers in the Phnom Penh area. Those who operate these centers specifically want short-term Child and Orphan care Cambodia volunteers, making this program the perfect option for volunteers who can’t commit to a longer program with the minimum commitment being 2 weeks.



As is the case for many developing countries, the children are often affected the most, and Cambodia is no different. This NGO was established to help provide support and opportunities for the most vulnerable children, allowing them access to basic necessities like food, shelter, and education. These children are often homeless (street children), orphans, living with disabilities, and infected or affected by HIV/AIDS.



Day-to-day life for volunteers at the feeding and community centers will vary depending on the needs of our partners, but the general responsibilities of the volunteer will be to provide meals at the feeding center for the kids whose home-life may not be intact, or who live on the streets. Other activities can include teaching Basic English lessons, providing guidance and mentorship, or assisting at a youth home or orphan center, where you will also become part of a collective effort to encourage the healthy growth and development of Cambodia's young people.



This program has a minimum commitment of 2 weeks but there is an option to volunteer at both centers, if the volunteer can commit to at least 6 weeks (click here for the Long-Term Program option). This program can also be included as part of an Integrated Program. The Child and Orphan Care Program is open year-round, with start dates every month. Click on the links below to request more information and ask questions, view the start dates and current rates, read about the application process, and start an application.   


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