Cuba Program History


In October of 2015, GSC's Director's, Rick and Maxine, embarked on a planning trip to Cuba to investigate the feasibility of launching a service-learning program in the country. They were welcomed by Cuban officials and encouraged to develop an English training program with the University of Matanzas. See to learn more about Rick and Maxine's trip.



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In January of 2016, Rick and Maxine lead a pilot project trip in Cuba, including a new GSC Cuba in-country coordinator, and seven volunteers. Following a very successful experience with local Havana supporters and University of Matanzas staff, GSC began preparations for an ongoing service-learning program in Cuba. Unfortunately, the Cuban government decided not to allow US organizations to work directly with institutions of higher learning in Cuba. So, along with a number of other organizations planning to work with Cuban universities, GSC was unable to continue this work. See to learn more about the pilot project trip.


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