International Development Work &

Community Service Programs in Cambodia


Since its inception in 1993, Global Service Corps has endeavored to not only provide meaningful volunteer experiences abroad, but to also develop and implement sustainable and appropriate Cambodian economic development and community service projects in local areas in which our volunteers serve. Working in collaboration with respected non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and local organizations, GSC has developed well respected and effective Community Training Programs. These programs address the needs and priorities of Cambodian communities as identified by Cambodians.




GSC International Development Projects in Cambodia

Global Service Corps helps support various community development projects in the city of Phnom Penh and surrounding provinces:

  • The Community Development and Youth Leadership Training Program has been developed in partnership with two leading Cambodia youth organizations and Paññāsāstra University. Drawing on the literature and training materials of servant leadership, self-esteem and emotional intelligence, GSC has developed leadership training material for Cambodians of all ages. Our community youth organizations also welcome our support in the areas of social media, grant writing, program development and special projects. 
  • The Child and Orphan Care Program supports a variety of children and orphan centers, including a community of about 60 residents infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS, a feeding center that provides meals to over 200 disadvantaged children during the week, and residential orphanages. GSC volunteer participants utilize the GSC Teaching English Manual and are encouraged to develop and share educational and recreational projects based on their own interests and expertise.
  • The Teach English Abroad Program includes opportunities to teach students of all ages, including Buddhist monks at their wats (monasteries). GSC volunteer participants utilize the GSC Teaching English Manual and curriculum utilized by the host organizations. The emphasis of this program is on improving primarily conversational skills, along with comprehension abilities, to assist Cambodians in better integrating within the rapidly expanding, globally connected world, as well as the local Cambodian workplace.   
  • The Global Public Health Program builds on 25 years of GSC experience providing HIV/AIDS prevention, nutrition and public health training in East Africa and Southeast Asia. During this time GSC has developed a wealth of training materials and continues to expand this program and develop additional materials for the unique needs of Cambodia. 



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