Kenya Program History


In 1994 Global Service Corps expanded to include two projects in Kenya. Our biointensive gardening project began when participants went to the Mumias region to teach villagers this more productive form of small-scale agriculture. Through the continuing efforts of Kenyan villagers, aided by GSC participants, the number of gardening beds in the region was increased by almost 2,000.



We also began a health education project focusing on prevention of local Kenyan diseases and specifically on AIDS education. The two projects evolved into the Community Self-Help Program in Kenya, in which participants provide assistance on both HIV/AIDS prevention and sustainable agriculture projects.



In 1999, GSC was honored to establish a relationship with David Brower and received a grant from the Brower Fund to collaborate on the Global CPR (Conservation, Preservation and Restoration) Program. in Tanzania. This allowed GSC to expand its sustainable agriculture conservation work in Tanzania.



During the time of service in Kenya between 1994 and 2001, GSC hosted 72 volunteers to work on community service projects in Mumias, Machakos and Kibwezi. In 2001, GSC took its best practices and lessons learned in Kenya to establish a program in Tanzania.





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