Long Term Volunteer Programs


GSC offers long-term volunteer abroad assignments for volunteers who want to gain first-hand experience in international development work through hands-on service-learning programs. These longer volunteer programs are available in all GSC Program areas in Cambodia, in both long-term and internship formats.

GSC’s International Internship Programs are scheduled to meet the minimum duration requirements of academic institutions (nine weeks); however, long-term GSC Overseas Volunteer Programs can be arranged for any length of time from nine weeks or more. GSC’s International Internship Program is ideal for students looking to gain academic credit or fulfill university internship/service requirements. Academic credit can be arranged through your own college or university.



In Cambodia, Long-Term Volunteer Abroad Programs are offered in the following:

  • The Global Public Health Program involves nine weeks or more of providing public health education services to adults and youth in mostly rural areas of Cambodia.
  • The Child and Orphan Care Program involves nine weeks or more of mentoring, teaching, and interacting with young Cambodian children, some of which are orphans, in a local orphanage or community center.
  • The Teach English Abroad Program involves nine weeks or more of teaching basic, conversational English to primary or secondary students at local schools in and around Phnom Penh. 
  • The Buddhist Immersion Program involves nine weeks or more of immersion into the Buddhist lifestyle while living in a wat (Buddhist monestary) and teaching English to novice monks at a nearby school.
  • The Community Development and Youth Leadership Training Program involves nine weeks or more of working with one of GSC's partner organizations, Youth for Peace, to help educate, mobilize, and empower the youth in Cambodia to become community leaders.
  • The Integrated Program is designed for individuals with multiple programmatic interests and allows volunteers to participate in more than one of GSC’s Short-Term Programs. Any of our five programs can be combined and requires a five to nine week minimum commitment, depending on what programs are chosen.




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