Buddhist Immersion - Teaching

   English Program: Long Term Option


In order to give volunteers more choices with their Cambodia service-learning voluteering, GSC has partnered with Buddhist wats (monasteries) in different parts of Cambodia. For volunteers who want to spend their time away from the city and have a more active role in teaching English during their Buddhist Immersion – Teaching English Program (BI - TE), the rural placement is the best option.




After orientation and training, volunteers will travel to a rural province about 90 minutes north of the capital city of Phnom Penh, where they will have the chance to be more actively involved in teaching basic, conversational English. Time will be divided between three locations: the wat, a Universal Education School (UES), and a nearby kindergarten. Volunteers at this placement will have the opportunity to share their knowledge of the English language with a wide variety of students, including both young and older Buddhist monks.

Despite being located outside of a busy market, the wat at this placement is a peaceful haven where volunteers will spend their mornings learning about Buddhism from the young monks who reside there, as well as the head monk, when available. Outside of the wat, volunteers will stay in a homestay with a local family or at a guesthouse, spend time at the local schools, and be able to visit other wats and places of interest in the area.



This program has a minimum commitment of 4 weeks but there is an option to volunteer at both placements if the volunteer can commit to at least 5 weeks (click here for the Short-Term Program option). This program can also be included as part of an Integrated Program. The Buddhist Immersion – Teaching English Program is open year-round, with start dates every month. Click on the links below to request more information and ask questions, view the start dates and current rates, read about the application process, and start an application. 


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