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What Sets GSC Apart From Other Volunteer Abroad Programs


Since 1993, Global Service Corps (GSC) has pioneered new approaches to combining community service and learning into meaningful and substantive volunteer projects in Latin America, East Africa and Southeast Asia. Our vision is to continue to grow our service-learning volunteer programs to incorporate more local communities, presently in Cambodia. We believe we are differentiated in eight main ways from other international volunteer programs:


  • Choices of Program Lengths: GSC provides a choice of international volunteer programs from two-weeks to six-months or longer, including the option of combining two or more of the program areas of service.
  • A Variety of Service Options: A variety of service opportunities are available with our partner organizations including working with children, adults and students, many from disadvantaged communities.
  • In-Country Orientation: GSC provides in-country volunteer orientation sessions at the start of each of our programs. This includes Khmer language lessons, an introduction to Cambodia's history, including the Khmer Rouge period, and visits to important historical and other local sites.
  • In-Country Training: GSC and our partner organizations provide basic training to augment volunteer skills in order to effectively assist with the work of these organizations.
  • Local Partners: GSC works closely with our local partner NGOs and community organizations and their staff. We together commit to assist volunteer participants to understand the cultural and technical aspects of their service project and become integrated into the local community.
  • Cultural Immersion: Depending on the program, GSC volunteers have the opportunity to live with a local family in a homestay or apartment, in a guesthouse, or in on-site housing at an orphanage or monastery. This opportunity gives volunteers a unique opportunity to become immersed in the local community and culture.
  • Weekend Tours: All programs of four weeks or longer include a tour guided by our In-Country Coordinator to Siem Reap and Angkor Wat. Programs of six weeks or longer include a weekend stay at the home village of our In-Country Coordinator.
  • College Credit: Semester, quarter, summer, and inter-term credit-bearing programs are available, built on 17 years of experience working with academic partners. GSC works with students to qualify for credit from their home institutions.



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