"I'm sure when I ponder my life experiences, during the twilight of my years, I will regard my six weeks in Thailand as six of the most sensational weeks of my life... I traveled to Thailand hoping for an enriching experience. What I found exceeded my wildest expectations."
Chris Cox, International Health Program, Thailand
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PROGRAM UPDATE: After 20 years of service in East Africa, GSC has concluded our work there, and therefore are NO LONGER offering programs in Tanzania.

We’ve decided to leave our Tanzania web pages up so visitors to our site can get an idea of the kind of work that we have done. We are still offering meaningful service-learning programs in Cambodia if you are interested. 

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Gift Options

Youth HIV/AIDS and Health Education

A gift of HIV/AIDS and health education will provide essential education for a youth so they will be equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to prevent HIV/AIDS. Young men and women are the future of Tanzania, therefore, it is imperative that their health and well-being be preserved. Surveys make it clear that programs are needed that move youth from awareness and knowledge to actual behavior change.

In response to the need for training in life skills such as communication, relationships, decision-making, and goal setting in order to help translate knowledge into behavior change, Global Service Corps conducts an annual two-week long HIV/AIDS Prevention, Health and Life Skills Day camp for approximately 300 secondary school students. After camp, students are trained to be peer educators so they can continue to educate their fellow students. GSC staff provides support and follow up to ensure the success of health clubs. 
  • Support follow-up of health club activities in schools including providing supplemental educational materials (US$10)
  • Send one student to day camp for two weeks (US$30) 
  • Provide voluntary counseling and testing for 200 students at their school (US$50) 
  • Support peer education activities such as talent and art competitions (US$100)
  • Fund an entire peer educator training workshop for 20 students (US$500)
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Sack Garden for a family affected by HIV/AIDS
A gift of a sack garden is a sustainable way to provide a family affected by HIV/AIDS access to proper nutrition including green vegetables. A sack garden is a type of urban garden that is used for people with limited living space and/or for people with limited physical strength to take care of a traditional garden. In this regard, a sack garden is ideal for a person living with HIV/AIDS since it takes minimal effort to care for.

Your gift of a sack will alleviate the problems many people with HIV have in obtaining nutritious foods.
  • Seeds and sacks for 5 gardens (US$10) 
  • Training to family in sack gardening (US$30) 
  • Gift of sack gardens for an HIV positive support group ($100)
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Home garden for an orphanage
A gift of a home garden is a way for orphanages to become more self-reliant. Many orphanages in Tanzania live hand to mouth counting on small, sporadic donations in order to cover costs of housing, food, clothing, and education for their children. Establishing an organic home garden for an orphanage will not only provide children with the proper nutrition they need but will also serve to train those old enough with gardening skills they can carry with them throughout life. 

  •   Seeds for a garden (US$20)
  •   Wheelbarrow, watering can, shovel, hoe for a garden ($100)
  •   Provision of an entire home garden for one orphanage ($200)
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Chicken vaccination project

A gift of vaccinating chickens against Newcastle Disease will provide a family with increased nutrition and sources of income. Each year Newcastle Disease kills 70% of the chicken population in Tanzania. Since chickens are the livestock of the poor and vulnerable including children, this disease has a major impact on the lives and well-being of a large portion of the population. In 2009, GSC launched a project called “CatchThat Chicken” which focuses on vaccinating chickens against this disease. Vaccination will allow chickens to live longer thereby producing more eggs and growing to a larger size for consumption. The goal of this project is to ultimately increase the nutrition and income of the most vulnerable whose livelihood comes from chickens.
  • Vaccinate a flock of 20 chickens (US$10) 
  • Provide a community training workshop on nutrition, health, and Newcastle Disease (US$50) 
  • Vaccinate chickens in an entire village (US$100) 
  • Provide a bicycle for a community vaccinator (US$200)
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Hafirs - Rainwater collection tanks for home garden irrigation

A gift of a hafir creates a home water source to reduce the need for women and children to haul water long distances. This 12 m3 trench is lined and covered with plastic to decrease evaporation and filtration. Surrounded by a natural jatropha tree or acacia thorn fence to keep animals and small children out, a hafir can hold 12,000 liters of water and only costs 1/50th of other conventional options! During the rains, the tank collects and stores rainwater that can then be used for various tasks during the dry season, such as watering home gardens.

  • Provide a hafir for one family (US $30)
  • Train families to purify the water for kitchen use and help neighbors to build their own hafir (US $100)
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Grain stores for improved storage to reduce 40%+ losses
A gift of a Grain Store Training Package will help rural communities alter their traditional grain stores and reduce the current average losses, which exceed 40% from field to mouth. The package includes training on how to modify traditional stores, reduce molds through improved selection and drying techniques prior to storage, implement the use of biodegradable pest management, such as ashes and Neem tree leaves, and how to reduce access to the grain by rats. The trainings also entail working with neighbors to help them build their own stores, which will lower the training costs over time as improved grain stores increase in usage.
  • Provide a grain “store” for improved storage (US $40)
  • Permanent grain store and training to help neighbors build their own stores (US $100)
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Improved fruit and vegetable drying to reduce 50% losses
A gift of a Food Drying Training Package will help rural communities work together to dry their excess fruits and green garden products for later use in the dry season, or for sale to augment incomes. Typical on-farm losses from field to mouth exceed 50% due to the lack of food preservation knowledge and methods. Furthermore, these on-farm losses contribute to the significant and common vitamin A deficiencies found in mothers’ and children’s diets, especially during the dry season. GSC’s training package includes alternative low-cost drying structures, education about appropriate drying methods, and information sessions on how to reconstitute the dried foods for preparation and use in cooking.

  • Modified home food dryer for individual use (US $50)
  • Community food dryer for community members to share (US $300)
  • Community food dryer and training on drying techniques and methods (US $400)
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