For GSC Alumni

Don’t let your GSC experience end when you get off that plane from Phnom Penh! Your international volunteering experience may be just the beginning of an ongoing relationship of international community service and support to developing communities. There are a number of ways you can continue to be involved with GSC as we build on our successes and provide the most effective volunteer programs for the communities we serve. Read on to learn how you can stay connected to GSC after your service-learning project is complete.

Stay in Touch: 

  • Stay connected with GSC participants through our Facebook page. On our Facebook page you can find friends you made during your program, upload photos and videos, share experiences and keep up to date on what’s happening with GSC. 
  • If you would like to keep in contact with the local GSC staff you worked with, email GSC and let us know who you would like to be put in touch with and we would be happy to connect you. 
  • If you have changed addresses or email, send us your updated contact information so that you can be kept up to date with the latest GSC developments. 

Write a Story for our GSC Blog or Send Your Pictures:

  • People want to know what it’s really like on the ground in Cambodia. There is no better person to tell the story of the GSC experience than you, the participant! Email a story in MS Word format to GSC. Pictures are welcome too! Send pictures or stories to Visit our Blog for ideas about the kinds of stories we post.

Encourage Others to Volunteer Abroad:

  • Friends, family and other members of your community will be interested in learning more about your experience. Once they do, some will also want to have an international volunteering experience. Forward one of our newsletters or a link to our site to your friends and spread the word about GSC! 

Expand your Experience of International Community Service:

  • If you just got your feet wet with the GSC two-week or short-term volunteer program and would like to experience a long-term GSC program, join us again! Your prior experience and knowledge is very valuable to the organization and the programs we operate. Returning GSC volunteers also receive a 10% discount on future programs. 

Continue to Support GSC Community Service Work:

  • If during your GSC program you discovered the satisfaction of helping others in need, you can continue to support the work of GSC with your own donations and via fundraising on our behalf. Past volunteers have been involved in fundraising activities as diverse as establishing a college support group, to asking wedding guests to donate to a GSC program rather than giving wedding gifts. For more information and assistance with your fundraising activities, contact us. 

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