Accommodations & Cultural Immersion

A unique and important aspect of Global Service Corps’ programs is the chance for volunteers to have a true cultural immersion experience. While on a GSC program, volunteers will have the opportunity to live and work among the local community they are serving. Our accommodations are designed to help volunteers learn first-hand about the language, and the different cultural norms and traditions of their new surroundings, helping them become truly integrated with the local community. Depending on the project, volunteers will have the opportunity to live with a local family in their home, in a guesthouse, or at an orphanage or wat (Buddhist monastery).    

GSC places volunteers with hosts who enjoy learning about other cultures and appreciate the unique opportunity that hosting an international volunteer gives to their family. Many hosts are associated with our project sites and also act as counterparts or mentors during our programs. All accommodations have been carefully chosen by GSC and our partners, and many have hosted volunteers over the course of several years. No matter where you stay, your experience with GSC hosts will provide memories and friendships that’ll last a lifetime.

Listen to what our volunteers say about the homestay experience:

“My stay with the host family was the highlight of my time at the project. I loved everything about our accommodations. The hosts made my stay in Oudong very memorable and are the reason I enjoyed my time so well. A true cultural immersion experience and friends for life.”

Catherine G., Buddhist Immersion/Teach English Abroad Program

“I think living in the local area, going to the local markets and conversing with the local people was the best part about the trip. It was very interesting and I definitely felt immersed in the culture and with the local people.” 

Lea S., Community Development and Leadership Training Program

“[I had] excellent cultural experiences, great tours, comfortable accommodations, good food etc. The cook was amazing! I do feel like I was sufficiently immersed in the culture.”

Kathryn Z., Child and Orphan Care Program

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