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GSC Service-Learning Programs in Cambodia

Decades of the Khmer Regime atrocities, the Vietnam War, civil war and corruption have impacted the health, education, economy, and even the culture of Cambodia’s people. Especially difficult situations include the plight of homeless families, children orphaned by HIV/AIDS, the absence of basic public health information for the disadvantaged, and the lack of trained civil society leaders. Also because of the consequences of these wars, institutions and leadership skills are still in the process of being rebuilt. According to Education First’s recent English Proficiency Index, Cambodia had the lowest level of English proficiency in Asia.

More about Cambodia’s History, Present Challenges and why GSC Serves There  

With the help of international volunteers, Global Service Corps supports existing local organizations to train community members on public health issues, provides support to Cambodian at-risk children and orphans, gives youth leadership training workshops, and offers much-needed conversational English training. The goal is to empower the Cambodians to lead healthier lives and achieve positive futures.

GSC’s Service-Learning Programs in and around Phnom Penh, Cambodia give volunteers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture, while also providing meaningful service to vulnerable populations. GSC’s partnership with a range of local organizations, schools, and Buddhist monasteries allow us to provide meaningful and relevant service opportunities for international volunteers of all backgrounds.

GSC works closely with participants prior to their trip to determine the program best suited to their interest areas. Once on-site, our in-country coordinator and local partners provide assistance and support. All Cambodia volunteer programs include:

  • In-depth cultural orientation and project preparation
  • Basic Khmer language lessons
  • Opportunities to assist local community and development organizations
  • Historically significant sight-seeing trips
  • Weekend excursion to the UNESCO World Heritage site at Siem Reap and Angkor Wat (for those on programs of four weeks or longer)

GSC’s Cambodia Service-Learning Volunteer Programs:

GSC’s Cambodia Service-Learning Semester, Summer,
Internships and Independent Study, and Gap Year Student Programs

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