How to Obtain Credit

How to obtain academic credit through your own institution:

Many student volunteers have received college credit for completion of a GSC Program in Cambodia. Students may be eligible to earn credit for any program, determined by the length of the program and your institution’s credit requirements. Check with your institution to understand the requirements for summer, semester, independent study or internship credit. The key to gaining credit is beginning the process early and working with a professor or academic advisor to create your academic program. Professional GSC headquarters and in-country staff can help you plan and reach your goals and learning objectives. Students wishing to obtain academic credit enroll in the GSC program of their choice and work directly with their college or university to obtain credit for their chosen program.

For more information on the Cambodia College Credit Program please visit: Student Programs

Valuable Reminders for Students Considering an International Program

  • Know your academic status. Be aware of what requirements are left for you to complete your major, minor and general education (GE) requirements
  • Ensure that the program will be accepted by your institution if you decide to pursue credit through your own school
  • Visit your academic advisors and let them know your plans to study abroad
  • Give them information on what the program entails and what learning experience you plan to have. They should be able to offer suggestions on the best way to deal with the school administration as well as your department
  • While in-country, carry with you the contact information of your advisors and contacts, including E-mail, telephone, address, and fax number

*Please note: Upon completion of a program, GSC will provide students with an end-of-program certificate to verify their program participation, which students may use in order to obtain credit.

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